December 4, 2018

Content creation and social media management

I. Con­tent pro­duc­tion (writ­ten arti­cles, pod­casts, info­graph­ics…) for blogs 

Inter­net is a gift of God.

      — Pope Fran­cis.

Accord­ing to many experts, amongst all the humankind’s tech­ni­cal rev­o­lu­tions, inter­net is the one that pro­found­ly impact­ed on the dai­ly human lives’ fields. Yet, there are even much more pre­dictable out­stand­ing inno­va­tions that are to come; as the mar­velous pow­er of inter­net we’re expe­ri­enc­ing now is only less than 3 decades old!

Indu­bitably, the most inter­est­ing side of inter­net is its abil­i­ty of great­ly improv­ing the sales from all kinds of busi­ness­es. In that regards, you have to read cred­i­ble reports on online busi­ness to get con­vinced about the pow­er of inter­net. Fur­ther­more, inter­net nowa­days grans to every moti­vat­ed indi­vid­ual the oppor­tu­ni­ty of earn­ing decent income from sell­ing his/her prod­ucts and/or skills online.

How­ev­er, hav­ing a web­site or a blog that is tech­ni­cal­ly well set up is not suf­fi­cient to ben­e­fit from the huge oppor­tu­ni­ties of inter­net: you need to have con­vinc­ing, valu­able and well writ­ten con­tent. Indeed, as more and more peo­ple are aware of the above men­tioned oppor­tu­ni­ties; there are huge com­pe­ti­tion out there; and in this pro­gres­sive­ly com­pet­i­tive busi­ness envi­ron­ment, each word counts.

As a mat­ter of fact, prop­er­ly cre­at­ed and con­vinc­ing con­tent (both writ­ten con­tent and image based con­tent) is a pow­er­ful tool in one’s sales store. Thus, qual­i­ty, clear and well-struc­tured con­tent is the prin­ci­pal demar­ca­tion line between the win­ning and los­ing busi­ness­es and web entre­pre­neurs; and it where the knowl­edge of MO REIGN TECHNOLOGIESEXPERTS comes in to help you.

If you hire our ser­vices, we shall write for you com­pelling, per­sua­sive, sales-relat­ed con­tent that will allow you to attain your sales and/or oth­er objec­tives. Our the con­tent that we pro­duce are search engines opti­mi­sa­tion; in order to allow your web­site to rank well into Google and the offers that are  embed­ded with­in your con­tent to be seen and shared by too much peo­ple.

If you have already pro­duced your own con­tent, we also offer to proof­read your writ­ten con­tent before it’s pub­lished (all even when it’s pub­lished, just because you can instant­ly edit online con­tent) in order to check the gram­mar (yes, even a best­selling writer needs his/her writ­ings to be proof­read by some­one else) and to ensure it is set up in a web for­mat and is cus­tomer or read­er ori­ent­ed.

Our writ­ing expe­ri­ence includes: website/blog copy, social media posts, copy writ­ing, newslet­ters, prod­uct reviews, applied sto­ry­telling, speech-writ­ing, com­pa­ny pro­files, white papers, CVs, résumés, brochures, press releas­es, guides, capa­bil­i­ty state­ments, cre­den­tial packs and moti­va­tion­al let­ters, reports, info­graph­ics, case stud­ies, executive/management sum­maries, grant pro­pos­als…

II. Social media man­age­ment

Nowa­days, the use of social media has become a nec­es­sary – almost com­pul­sive for most peo­ple – dai­ly activ­i­ty. Indeed, social media is typ­i­cal­ly used for online social inter­ac­tion and access to news and infor­ma­tion, brand aware­ness and over­all deci­sion mak­ing. For that rea­son, social media plat­forms are valu­able com­mu­ni­ca­tion tools to link with oth­ers local­ly and world­wide, as well as to share, cre­ate, and spread infor­ma­tion. We mas­ter social media strat­e­gy, and we offer to out­source your social media man­age­ment and allow you to ben­e­fit from advan­tages of these won­der­ful dig­i­tal tools.


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