Bloggers, This Post Reveals To You How To Defeat For Good The ”Code” Phobia!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you’ll have to touch to the code….you don’t have to touch to the code…it doesn’t require any expe­ri­ence in coding…how to earn mon­ey blog­ging with­out cod­ing experience…how to write a ‘’killer’’ con­tent with­out typ­ing any sin­gle HTML tag…how to devel­op apps like a pro with­out touch­ing to the code…

A fun­ny way of intro­duc­ing a blog post, isn’t it?! You are going to know why I did so. Make sure you read this post until the end.

Actu­al­ly, from my expe­ri­ence and that of oth­ers, I would say that; what­ev­er appar­ent­ly charged with neg­a­tive emo­tions; the very first asser­tion is the most sin­cere and hon­est. Yes, unfor­tu­nate­ly, you have to learn HTML and touch to the code if you want to man­age a website/blog of good qual­i­ty by remain­ing inde­pen­dent.

The facts. 

Facts are stub­born things; and what­ev­er may be our wish­es, our incli­na­tions, or the dic­tates of our pas­sion, they can­not alter the state of facts and evi­dence.
- John Adams.

The online busi­ness is an incon­testable real­i­ty. Yes, more and more peo­ple are mak­ing a liv­ing through blog­ging; and their num­ber goes high­er every month. Blog­ging with­in some nich­es is sure­ly a gold­mine. For that rea­son, the pas­sion for blog­ging is irre­sistibly attract­ing new­bies. Blo­gos­pheres and social net­works are full of tes­ti­mo­ni­als from peo­ple who left their paid jobs to make a liv­ing from blog­ging.

As a mat­ter of con­se­quence, nowa­days, the major­i­ty of web entre­pre­neurs are teach­ing to peo­ple how to make mon­ey with their blogs; and hence asser­tions such as the ones that are ran­dom­ly list­ed in the first para­graph are so com­mon in the Web­Sphere.

How­ev­er, the prob­lem is that in this dig­i­tal era most peo­ple – alas – do mechan­i­cal­ly repeat what is announced, has been writ­ten or pro­nounced by pop­u­lar and less pop­u­lar blog­gers (some­times what has been claimed by pop­u­lar blog­gers a decade ago) all this with­out doing any research.

The above­men­tioned mechan­i­cal rep­e­ti­tions pre­vent me to doubt about the good faith of the major­i­ty of code-pho­bic blog­gers. Nev­er­the­less, it is legit­i­mate to sus­pect that some – those who have real skills in HTML and CSS cod­ing – may be repli­cat­ing and dis­sem­i­nat­ing that code pho­bia in order to pro­tect their mar­ket and the sub­se­quent aura of respectabil­i­ty due to the pres­ti­gious sta­tus of being devel­op­ers.

Let us be clear: this is not an oppor­tu­ni­ty of falling into para­noia or con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry, nor to attack the devel­op­ers in any way what­so­ev­er. No, and I have tremen­dous respect for the devel­op­ers. On the oth­er hand, I do rec­og­nize that there is for sure genius and gen­uine tools that help to do the major­i­ty of blog­ging tasks with­out cod­ing expe­ri­ence.

How­ev­er, indeed; how many peo­ple have been blocked for years and years or are even still blocked for the sim­ple rea­son that they do not know how to design the lay­out, the styling and the typog­ra­phy of their websites/blogs as they real­ly would want them to be? Hun­dreds of thou­sands, if not mil­lions!

All these delays hap­pen just because of not know­ing HTML and CSS, things that are very easy to learn! But of course, as for any pho­bia; code pho­bia trig­gers irra­tional fears with avoid­ing mech­a­nisms that keep the ‘’pho­bic’’ per­son doing what­ev­er it takes to avoid the encounter with the object of his/her pho­bia!

That is why, despite the exis­tence of CMS — includ­ing the famous, love­ly and user-friend­ly Word­Press -LEARNING HTML AND CSS is nec­es­sary FOR ANY BLOGGER. This becomes espe­cial­ly true for the new­bies who have every­thing to gain by learn­ing how to code, since most of the free Word­Press themes grad­u­al­ly remove fea­tures that had the advan­tage of mak­ing websites/blogs designed by igno­rant in cod­ing look like pro­fes­sion­al ones.

Once again, with­out pes­simism, it would not be exces­sive to pre­dict that soon­er or lat­er the free themes and plu­g­ins could sim­ply dis­ap­pear from the plan­et Earth, forc­ing peo­ple with­out knowl­edge in cod­ing either to pur­chase pre­mi­um themes (which will de fac­to increase in price); or to resort to devel­op­ers who will them­selves become more expen­sive. The rea­son why it is inter­est­ing to spend a lit­tle mon­ey today, in order to not miss earn­ings of tomor­row, with regards to the great oppor­tu­ni­ty of mak­ing mon­ey online through blog­ging. That is why this course is high­ly inter­est­ing or even vital to con­sid­er right now.

A blog­ger who makes (or who aims to make) mon­ey online is a web entre­pre­neur. In that per­spec­tive, one of the qual­i­ty or char­ac­ter­is­tic of a suc­cess­ful entre­pre­neur is to antic­i­pate the future and invest (mon­ey or mind) in some­thing that will allow him/her to face accu­rate­ly adverse future trends that are high­ly pre­dictable; such as the ones we were pre­dict­ing in the pre­vi­ous para­graph.

Using a CMS does not prevent you to learn HTML and CSS

Mas­ter­ing HTML AND CSS allows you greater ease in the han­dling of a CMS, even if you use a pre­mi­um theme. To that end, the fact that in the Word­Press edi­tor there is the option to work in HTML mode (text vs. visu­al edit­ing) is not a coin­ci­dence (see the image above). In addi­tion, once you mas­ter the HTML mode, you do things that you absolute­ly can­not do in visu­al mode. The same goes for all Word­Press themes where­by, if you want to improve the styling and there­fore the over­all look of your website/blog; you are asked to add addi­tion­al CSS.

That being high­light­ed, you will quick­ly under­stand, log­i­cal­ly, that Word­Press or any oth­er CMS do not exempt you from know­ing the HTML and the CSS; unless if you want to lock your­self in the medi­oc­rity! Excuse me for say­ing so, but it is pure truth. Like­wise, I can say that those who will tell you the oppo­site (that it is not nec­es­sary to learn to code) will be lying to you, should they be in good faith.

Dear blog­gers, the cod­ing; despite the pho­bic pre­judg­ments we have pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed is easy, I would say very easy! How­ev­er, obvi­ous­ly, you have to learn it. Once you have pro­gressed in it and you start to mas­ter it; it becomes a burn­ing pas­sion, exact­ly as is blog­ging! The cher­ry on the cake, when you blog whilst mas­ter­ing the HTML and CSS; you have more con­fi­dence in your­self.

Talking from experience.

I have been a vic­tim of this code pho­bia that is viral­ly con­veyed by blog­gers (often in good faith, for not hav­ing them­selves tried to learn how to code). There­fore, I know what I am talk­ing about. As we saw, those blog­gers keep on com­pul­sive­ly repeat­ing what they have read or heard from oth­er blog­gers; who them­selves mechan­i­cal­ly recount­ed what they heard… and the vicious cir­cle per­pet­u­ates itself, block­ing pas­sion­ate peo­ple who are about to start blog­ging.

To relate here my own expe­ri­ence, like the oth­er over­whelm­ing major­i­ty of blog­gers; I had raised my arms up and aban­doned to learn the HTML and CSS lan­guage with­out even try­ing. I was not ready to learn that gib­ber­ish that seemed to be worse than Chi­nese or Ara­bic! I was lit­er­al­ly intim­i­dat­ed at the sight of this suc­ces­sion of signs and let­ters that seem to have an exo­teric sense, at such extent that I used to ask myself how oth­er peo­ple could man­age to learn it! For many, it gives ver­ti­go to see this entan­gle­ment of signs and let­ters when one clicks for exam­ple on view page source on a web­site.

Six years after trials and errors, finally, there was light!

One day, I had the intu­ition to go dig­ging on YouTube and see if I could find a tuto­r­i­al. I came across the video of this brave per­son who said with­out flinch­ing “learn the html in 12 min­utes!” And the light was!  He did not lie! It was easy to learn the famous code in a short time since, with­out being able to mas­ter html in 12 min­utes — of course — in less than a quar­ter of an hour; I clear­ly under­stood the core basics of HTML

After that find­ing, I instant­ly real­ized that the famous code that often ” we do not name tech­ni­cal­ly ” is not as mag­i­cal as that, and that any­one who knows how to read and write can learn it very eas­i­ly and quick­ly. Fol­low­ing that find­ing, a log­i­cal deduc­tion majes­ti­cal­ly imposed itself onto my mind: if I put a lit­tle more time, I would soon open the pre­cious sesame that makes the hap­pi­ness of devel­op­ers.

HTML is quite intim­i­dat­ing at sight and for many, but the course will allow you to demys­ti­fy it.

Let us admit it; Word­Press sim­pli­fies things, and allows a lit­tle bit to bypass cod­ing, allow­ing vir­tu­al­ly to any­one to pro­duce web­sites that have a beau­ti­ful appear­ances. How­ev­er, con­trary to what many Inter­net gurus say (either by igno­rance, com­pla­cen­cy or for the sake of pro­tect­ing their mar­kets) one remains extreme­ly lim­it­ed if he/she does not know how to use HTML and CSS! In addi­tion, despite the exis­tence of themes and oth­er great plu­g­ins; you will end up being oblig­ed to ‘’touch on the code’’ as they say, or hire the ser­vices of a devel­op­er who will charge you accord­ing to his/her will. Oth­er­wise, your web­site will always have a severe prob­lem in the look, or even in typog­ra­phy.

I say that know­ing­ly. For the record, I start­ed learn­ing how to cre­ate Web­sites 6 years ago. Not being able to afford avail­able cours­es that were expen­sive that time (oh, things move so fast); I decid­ed to do self-learn­ing by being addict­ed to tuto­ri­als found on the net. I tat­tered, cre­at­ing sites, judg­ing that they are hor­ri­ble, giv­ing up, start­ing again, giv­ing up, tak­ing breaks dur­ing one year … Until the day when I final­ly cre­at­ed one, then two and then three…websites that last­ed; and hop: I declared myself a web design­er and then start­ed a web design­ing busi­ness, cre­at­ing web­sites that are sole­ly based on Word­Press.

As the time went on, some inquis­i­tive cus­tomers quick­ly noticed that there were resem­blances in the sites I cre­at­ed, because I used few Word­Press themes. The cus­tomiza­tion of col­ors and fonts (because often that is what you can do with most of free themes) did not help that much. I start­ed to change themes for each site I had to cre­ate. I also tried Dreamweaver (an adobe prod­uct that allows to find a com­pro­mise between CMS and HTML design­ing); but I quick­ly under­stood the need of learn­ing prop­er­ly the HTML and the CSS even if I con­tin­ued to use Word­Press in the cre­ation of Web­sites.

Nev­er­the­less, a stronger rea­son was my need of being able to cre­ate web­sites from the scratch and to pro­duce lay­outs that I absolute­ly need. I start­ed look­ing for longer and more com­plete tuto­ri­als than the excel­lent video-tuto­r­i­al of Jake Wright; who teach­es the basics of html in 12 min­utes. When I think the video was online since 2010… So, if you want to con­vince your­self that it is pos­si­ble to learn sim­ple HTML and not delay of start­ing this course, I invite you to see the video by click­ing here. It is still online and has already accu­mu­lat­ed 2.9 M views.

Fol­low­ing my research of html tuto­ri­als, I found 1 hour to 6 hours videos, and I man­aged to self-learn HTML and CSS. I was able to real­ize how it is easy to cre­ate sites with HTML and CSS; because one of the biggest obses­sions I had was that of not being able to do it with­out hav­ing a degree in com­put­er sci­ence! At the end, I shared my expe­ri­ence with oth­er aspir­ing web design­ers and blog­gers, but they all prac­ti­cal­ly aban­doned with­in an aver­age of 2 days after attempt­ing. Know­ing the enthu­si­asm they had when I showed them how I self-learned HTML and CSS, I need­ed to under­stand why they all gave up.

Doing a deep analy­sis, I found two major things were miss­ing to free YouTube tuto­ri­als:

  1. Even though these videos allowed me to learn HTML and CSS grad­u­al­ly, it took me sev­er­al days because; despite the know-how and the kind­ness of the peo­ple who put these tuto­ri­als on YouTube; these videos are often monot­o­nous, suf­fer from the lack of a direct­ed ped­a­gogy which gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to inter­act with your teacher and even with oth­er learn­ers; hence allow­ing you to ask ques­tions and receive indi­vid­u­al­ized answers. There­fore, it takes excep­tion­al will and a deter­mi­na­tion to do not give up instant­ly while watch­ing a free tuto­r­i­al. Indeed, you have to have real self-teach­ing or self-learn­ing gifts, some­thing that is not giv­en to every­one. Not to men­tion that the fact of know­ing that you are going to pass a test and get a cer­tifi­cate puts your brain in a more learn­ing pre­pared­ness recep­tiv­i­ty.
  2. Last but not least, if you are an entre­pre­neur or want to use your knowl­edge to get a job, you need to be able to show a web devel­op­er cer­tifi­cate. It is here that a struc­tured and cer­ti­fy­ing teach­ing takes all its val­ue.

This course is what you really need in order to become a indepandent blogger.

Con­sid­er­ing all that I have said, after dis­cov­er­ing the core rea­sons why all the peo­ple I brought to self-learn by watch­ing free tuto­ri­als aban­doned as soon as they start­ed; I fur­ther browsed the web look­ing for a very good qual­i­ty and cheap course that offers all the afore­men­tioned ben­e­fits. It was then that I came across this coursewhich I urge you to start as soon as pos­si­ble if you want to suc­ceed in your blog­ging career in par­tic­u­lar, and in the online busi­ness in gen­er­al.

Description of the course

This excel­lent course allows you to Add to your dig­i­tal skills set and learn to build your own web­site using HTML and CSS.

Do not wor­ry, if you are a new­bie and do not know how web­sites actu­al­ly work and yet you want to be a suc­cess­ful blogger/online entre­pre­neur; know you are not alone.  This course will gives you the valu­able skills that are need­ed. As we said, not only this will allow you to save more mon­ey that you would give to devel­op­ers – or at least to reduce them con­sid­er­ably – and to gain more self-con­fi­dence and peace of mind when you become an estab­lished blog­ger.    

The course will take you through the basic build­ing blocks of web­sites. You will get to con­trols with the two most fun­da­men­tal web devel­op­ment lan­guages, HTML and CSS as well as learn­ing basic design and build­ing prin­ci­pals. On top of all of that, you will learn how to host and run your own site.  Thus, if you are curi­ous to know more about web devel­op­ment, here is def­i­nite­ly where to start

The course will allow you to avoid all the pre­vi­ous­ly men­tioned ail­ments relat­ed to the fact of will­ing blog­ging with­out any knowl­edge of the code.

Core Content of the course:

  • The dif­fer­ent ele­ments of a web­site and how to access them
  • The prop­er seman­tic struc­ture of HTML
  • HTML tags, lists, and how to embed media
  • The var­i­ous prop­er­ties of CSS to bet­ter dis­play your HTML
  • The box mod­el of CSS
  • There are sam­ple exer­cis­es to try, in order to ensure that the learn­er under­stands the top­ic

Interesting records about the course

  • 5k+ of peo­ple have already fol­lowed this course. Most of them ranked it as excel­lent.
  • This course has been designed for Begin­ner to Inter­me­di­ate lev­els.
  • The min­i­mum dura­tion of the course is 6 full hours, but the ulti­mate learn­ing time will depend to the rhythm of learn­ing inher­ent to every per­son.
  • At the com­ple­tion, the learn­er will be grant­ed a CPD UK cer­tifi­cate.

About the course providers:

The course is one of the IT cours­es that Excel with Busi­ness (a Com­pa­ny that has been found­ed in 2009 and is based in the heart of London’s vibrant tech scene) pro­vides.

The inno­v­a­tive com­pa­ny has near­ly 1 mil­lion stu­dents in total. Train­ing at Excel with Busi­ness is per­son­al, mean­ing that you can show which parts of the course to skip. Their plat­form is award win­ning and improv­ing all the time. The com­pa­ny works with its authors on an ongo­ing basis to ensure the cours­es they pro­vide are up-to-date. Hence­for­ward the qual­i­ty is guar­an­teed.  As result, all of their cours­es are cer­tifi­cat­ed on com­ple­tion. This course is also CPD Accred­it­ed. 

This is a pledge of quality that should encourage you not to wait

If you are not 100% hap­py with your EwB Web Design in HTML & CSS course, you have 30 days to exchange or refund.

About the author of the course:

Chris Mis­terek, a sea­soned web design­er and devel­op­er from Phoenix, Ari­zona in the US, has con­ceived the course. Chris is pas­sion­ate about beau­ti­ful web design and con­cise front-end devel­op­ment.


Priced at 1,060.04 South African Rands (less than 80 USD), this course is the best deal you can have on the mar­ket; if you real­ly want to embrace effi­cient­ly the blog­ging or any oth­er web entre­pre­neur­ship activ­i­ty.  

There­fore, dear blog­gers get rid of the code pho­bia and work now by being your­self a devel­op­er.  I know that when some­thing is said to be paid, many peo­ple tend to close the page. Indeed, the bait raised by free stuff on the net is real­ly fail­ing many peo­ple who had great tal­ents and strong poten­tial to make a lot of mon­ey online.

How­ev­er, see­ing more close­ly, accu­mu­lat­ing tri­als and fail­ure to end up pay­ing some­one who has the basic and yet easy to acquire knowl­edge; you spend a lot more mon­ey if you if you are real­ly deter­mined to make a liv­ing thanks blog­ging.

Myself, I like free online stuff. But, if you are an entre­pre­neur and real­ly want to make mon­ey online, you have to stick to the sacro­sanct prin­ci­ple that state that TO MAKE MONEY, YOU MUST SPEND MONEY. Said oth­er­wise and sim­ply, econ­o­mist call that INVESTMENT. As some­one who has a busi­ness shrewd­ness, you must start to invest.

More­over, as I men­tioned it above and it worth repeat­ing, if you are not 100% hap­py with your EwB Web Design in HTML & CSS course, you have 30 days to exchange or refund.

Hop­ing to have been use­ful, I thank you for read­ing this arti­cle until the end. If you liked it, give your con­tri­bu­tion by shar­ing it on your social net­works.

Best regards.

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