Did you know? These 10 apps may transform your smartphone into a job-finding device!

Admittedly, searching for a job is a quite daunting task. Those who say the opposite has certainly been accompanied by the Providence in their quest. In our digital age, where we find applications almost for all things; smart people have invented great IT tools to help you find your job. In the list that follows, we present you the best applications of the market.

The order we fol­lowed has no impli­ca­tion on the intrin­sic supe­ri­or­i­ty. As always, each app has its advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages, and you are free to take time of test­ing them all until you are sat­is­fied. One thing is cer­tain: a job seek­er whose smart­phone pos­sess one of these tools has far more chance of suc­ceed­ing. That being high­light­ed, here is the list of the 10 best apps to try in your job-search­ing car­a­van. So, make sure you read this arti­cle up to the end in order to get the whole infor­ma­tion.

1. ZipRecruiter Job Search

This app was launched in 2010. Back then, ZipRecruiter Job Search was a plat­form that small busi­ness­es used to adver­tise their job offers. Over the years, ZipRecruiter job search has great­ly improved in order to become a kind of huge data­base gath­er­ing entries from 100 job boards. ZipRecruiter Job Search allows you to com­plete your pro­file online, import your CV and cov­er let­ter. More­over, you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to edit these data when­ev­er you want.

When your com­plete data is post­ed, you enter a data­base with the pos­si­bil­i­ty that recruiters and prospec­tive employ­ers will notice you and retain you as a poten­tial can­di­date they can con­tact for an inter­view. Inter­est­ing, isn’t? What any­one who is famil­iar with online job seek­ing can notice is that ZipRecruiter job search dif­fers from the com­mon mod­el that clas­sic job sites use, through which it is rather the job seek­er who approach­es the employ­er.

Along the process, ZipRecruiter job search will give you your sta­tus updates, for instance, when your CV has been viewed, and this is a genius source of infor­ma­tion on for how your pro­file and expe­ri­ence are like­ly to grant you a chance of get­ting a job.

Win­ning points of the app: it gath­ers a wide range of jobs, not to men­tion the abil­i­ty to be noticed and con­tact­ed by recruiters or even employ­ers.

2. Snagajob

This app con­nects any job seek­er with hourly employ­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties. With Sna­ga­job, you will be able to find a list of jobs like a secu­ri­ty guard, cashier, deliv­ery dri­ver, wait­er, and much more. If for exam­ple, you click on links to Johan­nes­burg or Pre­to­ria, you will many hourly-based job oppor­tu­ni­ties in the two cities.

Inter­est­ing­ly, you can search for local job open­ings and have Dai­ly Job Match­es updates sent direct­ly to your phone or tablet. You can fil­ter posi­tions by timetable (part-time jobs, sea­son­al jobs,  win­ter jobs, sum­mer jobs…) and the nature of the job (food and restau­rant, auto­mo­tive, con­struc­tion, etc.). The same applies to the dis­tance between the job and your res­i­dence. 

Sna­ga­job pos­sess­es a map func­tion that allows the user to see the company’s loca­tion. Where­as Sna­ga­job lists many easy to apply for jobs, there are many oth­ers that require you to pass through the long process of apply­ing on the company’s web­site. 

Win­ning points of the app: Local set­tings, easy to find hourly jobs.

3. Facebook Jobs

The biggest social net­work on Earth has also a job find­ing fea­tures, but many peo­ple ignore it and use Face­book main­ly to chat with friends. Facebook’s jobs board is vast, and when using a com­put­er, you will find it at the home­page; just under the Explore sec­tion. To sim­pli­fy things, you can sole­ly click on http://www.facebook.jobs/ and then fol­low the instruc­tions.  When using a smart­phone or a tablet, you can find the jobs board by using the Face­book mobile app that you can freely down­load from Google Play for Androids devices. For iPhones users, you can down­load the app from iTunes.

After find­ing a job post­ing that inter­est you, just click on the Apply Now but­ton: It will redi­rect you to the employer’s Face­book page. By click­ing again the Apply Now but­ton, you will be able to pop up a page with your name, edu­ca­tion and employ­ment his­to­ry that you post­ed on your Face­book pro­file or page. You will also find a text box through which you can Intro­duce Your­self in 1,000 char­ac­ters or less. After doing that, the mag­ic hap­pens: after click­ing send, your infor­ma­tion will direct­ly land into the employer’s Face­book mes­sag­ing box as a pri­vate mes­sage!

Win­ning points of the app: The pos­si­bil­i­ty of refer­ring to an employ­er your sum­ma­ry from your Face­book pro­file.

4. Jobs by CareerBuilder


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Yet anoth­er inter­est­ing app! Career­Builder allows you to search for jobs accord­ing to indus­try, loca­tion or com­pa­ny. Bet­ter enough, this app does not ask you to open a Career­Builder account in order to use it! All you have to do is to upload your sum­ma­ry from Drop­box or Google+, and then start your hunt. It is pos­si­ble to track and view your job-search his­to­ry, save jobs for lat­er appli­ca­tion, or even view your com­pe­ti­tion with aver­age stats on oth­er appli­cants’ edu­ca­tion lev­els and years of expe­ri­ence. Career­Builder is down­load­able to Android devices and iOS ones.

Win­ning points of the app: when your appli­ca­tion has been received and viewed, the app will also rec­om­mend jobs and alert you when sim­i­lar jobs are post­ed. Genius!

5. Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search fol­lows anoth­er brainy mod­el: it col­lects job list­ings accord­ing to set­tings that the job seek­er has set up; essen­tial­ly the indus­try, loca­tion, desired salary and so on. The avail­able job list­ings are gath­ered from the most impor­tant online job boards, from news­pa­per clas­si­fieds, from asso­ci­a­tions & com­pa­ny career pages and put into one loca­tion for job seek­ers to access.

Anoth­er inter­est­ing fea­ture of Indeed Job Search is its GPS based alert func­tion: depend­ing on where you are in a town, the apps alert you about near­by enti­ties that are offer­ing jobs. Like­wise, you can set up email alerts to be noti­fied when new jobs appear in a cat­e­go­ry of inter­est.  

Did you find a job you like thanks to Indeed Job Search? Well, just save it so that you can apply for it when time allows you to do so. On the oth­er hand, if you have already uploaded your sum­ma­ry, you can send it imme­di­ate­ly with an attached and cus­tomized mes­sage. Ulti­mate­ly, Indeed Job Search keeps a record of every job you apply for, and this may be inter­est­ing lat­er on. 

Win­ning points of the app: the huge gath­er­ing of poten­tial jobs in var­i­ous indus­tries, the GPS based alert fea­ture.

6. Monster

Mon­ster app is the mobile chan­nel of one of the lead­ing online job boards. As for oth­er apps, it allows you to search for new list­ings and fil­ters results based on your desires and fond­ness. Once you have opened a Mon­ster account, just sign in in order to access your uploaded sum­maries, cov­er let­ters as well as pre­vi­ous­ly sub­mit­ted appli­ca­tions. It is also pos­si­ble to sign up to be noti­fied when new jobs are list­ed. Mon­ster app is com­pat­i­ble with Android and iOS.

Win­ning points of the app: the pos­si­bil­i­ty of access­ing uploaded sum­maries, cov­er let­ters and pre­vi­ous­ly sub­mit­ted job appli­ca­tions.

7. LinkUp

LinkUp gath­ers jobs found on com­pa­nies’ web­sites. The inter­est­ing aspect of LinkUp is that it will help you to dig into what is often referred to as ″the hid­den job mar­ket″. That is because the oth­er major search engines do not have some jobs list­ings that are “hid­den” on the web­sites of employ­ers who do not want to grant their list­ings to the big search engines. In oth­er words, if you do not know the com­pa­ny, you can’t find the job list­ing although you might be qual­i­fied for it. How­ev­er, LinkUp is dai­ly updat­ed and has more than three mil­lion jobs list­ed.

Win­ning points of the app: Access to jobs that you can­not find on oth­er major search engines.

8. Reach

Reach App is a prod­uct of Big Rock Labs. This app is much more a col­lab­o­ra­tors find­er as it makes it very easy to find local pro­fes­sion­als and events in a giv­en indus­try. You log in via your LinkedIn account or email address. Once you are logged in, you become instant­ly search for near­by users with your phone’s GPS sen­sor. Same for users who have checked in to spe­cif­ic near­by loca­tions. After you find some­one you wish to con­nect with, you can do so by send­ing a request to him/her. If that per­son accepts, con­tact infor­ma­tion for both of you is exchanged; and you then can start a fruit­ful chat. Like­wise, Reach app allows you to dis­cov­er trend­ing events near you and reg­is­ter to attend using the app. The app is avail­able for Android and iOS.

Win­ning points of the app: the facil­i­ty of find­ing a col­lab­o­ra­tor and con­verse with him/her eas­i­ly, the facil­i­ty of find­ing near­by inter­est­ing events you may not be aware of, and these events may be a start­ing point for you to get a job.   

9.  JobR

Whilst it is a job search appli­ca­tion, JobR works like a trendy dat­ing app! Indeed, after you have set a pro­file and uploaded your sum­ma­ry, all you have to pro­ceed is to write in the kind of job you are look­ing for and your loca­tion. Lat­er on, when poten­tial start jobs to show up on your screen, you ″swipe left″ to dis­miss and con­tin­ue the search; or you just ″swipe right″ and apply.  

Yet, you need to take two pre­cau­tions when swip­ing, because if you swipe left; you may not be able to see the job again. Con­trary, if you swipe right, you may be apply­ing for the job impul­sive­ly with­out ana­lyz­ing it real­ly suits you and how you might impress the recruiter or the employ­er in order to out­rank. To avoid these two incon­ve­niences, the app offers a vir­tu­al career assis­tant that will answer all pos­si­ble ques­tions as you pro­ceed.

Win­ning points of the app: Quick results, quick and quite accu­rate answers from that vir­tu­al assis­tance when you are stuck.

10. LinkedIn Job Search

Final­ly yet impor­tant­ly, LinkedIn Job Search from LinkedIn, the lead­ing pro­fes­sion­al social net­work world­wide. LinkedIn Job Search is an app ded­i­cat­ed to job hunt­ing. To use it, just click on the jobs link that appears onto the head­er of your pro­file page. You will then be trans­ferred to a page that the app lists jobs it believes may inter­est you, based on expe­ri­ence list­ed in your LinkedIn pro­file and com­pa­nies where you have con­tacts. Under­neath the Update Pref­er­ences tab, you can check a box to let recruiters know you look­ing for a job.

At that point, all you have to do is to write a short (a max­i­mum of 300 char­ac­ters), in order to intro­duce what you are hunt­ing; and here is where LinkedIn becomes more inter­est­ing than any oth­er plat­forms by seek­ing your con­nec­tions for refer­ral and exploit­ing your skills endorse­ments.

Please notice that even if the fea­ture is sup­posed to be pri­vate (mean­ing none in your pub­lic con­nec­tions may know that you are con­tact­ing recruiters), LinkedIn warns offi­cial­ly: “We take steps to not show your cur­rent com­pa­ny that you’re open, but can’t guar­an­tee that we can iden­ti­fy every recruiter affil­i­at­ed with your com­pa­ny.”

So, peo­ple who need to change their vaca­tion although work­ing in a pre­cise com­pa­ny; please be care­ful.

It is impor­tant to know that while the basic LinkedIn Job Search is free, there is a pre­mi­um sub­scrip­tion for a month­ly fee start­ing at $24.99. With the pre­mi­um LinkedIn Job Search, you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly get access to inter­est­ing fea­tures that assess you as com­pared to oth­er job appli­cants for the same posi­tion. You will then be pro­vid­ed with   — for instance — spe­cif­ic salary infor­ma­tion. If you use intel­li­gent­ly and gen­uine­ly the pre­mi­um sub­scrip­tion; you will stand the chance of being smashed to the top of recruiter lists as a fea­tured appli­cant.

Win­ning points of the app: The pos­si­bil­i­ty of head­ing up to recruiters, the refer­ral and endorse­ment sys­tem as well as alerts about which of your LinkedIn con­nec­tions have con­tacts at a com­pa­ny where you are wish­ing to work. Know­ing the role that refer­rals plays in the recruit­ment process, these fea­tures real­ly make LinkedIn unequaled.

That is. We real­ly think that every job seek­er should have these won­der­ful apps installed on his/her smart­phone. Hav­ing or not hav­ing them obvi­ous­ly makes a big dif­fer­ence.

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