Here are some easy ways to protect your smartphone against hacking attacks.

In this dig­i­tal era, any small mis­take – or no mis­take at all – apps can turn you to be vul­ner­a­ble to hack­ing attacks. So, learn how to pro­tect your­self against hack­ers of any kind.

1. Avoid open­ing bridges your­self and keep all your apps updat­ed

The very first stage towards self-pro­tec­tion against hack­ers is to update soft­ware as soon as their updates come to be avail­able. This is as true for both smart­phones, tablets and com­put­ers.

2. Don’t install every app that lands onto your fin­ger­tips

When installing an app, it will very often be you asked to grant var­i­ous per­mis­sions, includ­ing the facil­i­ty to read your files, access your cam­era, access your loca­tion, read your mes­sages, or lis­ten in to your micro­phone. Some use of these capa­bil­i­ties may be legit­i­mate, but they are so often exposed to abuse. So, think twice before you press ‘’accept’’ but­ton to approve these requests.

3. Care­ful­ly pro­ceed to the assess­ment of what is already installed

Some­times, apps may look sim­ple and safe when you are installing them, but future updates can turn them into some­thing more threat­en­ing. Take two min­utes to review all the apps on your smart­phone, and see which per­mis­sions they are using. On iOS oper­at­ed devices, it is easy to find that kind of rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion under Set­tings > Pri­va­cy.

On Android, it is more dif­fi­cult to get an indi­ca­tion of which per­mis­sions do installed apps have, but can use some secu­ri­ty apps that help a lot, includ­ing free pack­ages from McAfee and Avast. These secu­ri­ty apps can also give you alert if you try to install an app that is known to be mali­cious, and warn you if you are being tricked by a phish­ing attack in order to get you into enter­ing a pass­word into an untrust­ed web­page or app.

If you need to learn more about pro­tect­ing your smart­phone and your privacy/security, read this excel­lent arti­cle.

Watch also these instruc­tive videos. Video num­ber one explain some of the signs that will allow you to know if your phone has been hacked or not. Video num­ber 10 explain to you how to pro­tect your­self.

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